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Re: AV End of Night "short" printout RCR

Any time I can fulfill someones wishes, I am pleased to do so.  I was referring to the .abo report that would print ballots cast totals by precinct after the label, and no detail results totals by race. 
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Sent: Monday, October 16, 2000 11:36 AM
Subject: Re: AV End of Night "short" printout RCR


  I wish you would be clear what you meant by "short".  The file for the 194 California report is 194usca.abo if that's what you were asking.


Steve Knecht wrote:

 Which ABO file was this? that prints short version?

Currently, as per the original request, the 194 California .abo prints full cards cast results but does NOT print votes cast results for the default Election Zero Report and the default Election Results Report.  In other words, you get VERY SHORT default election reports.  If instead you want cards cast results added to the standard 194 US short reports, then use the 194 Georgia .abo (but not the one in the 194y-usga.zip file).

And if there is any more confusion, perhaps you better call me.


Guy Lancaster wrote:

Steve Knecht wrote:
Update to the "short" California report.  Upon reflection and discussion
with the customer, they do want the Race listing showing zero votes for
candidates/measures in the morning, but want only Ballots Cast Totals by
precinct at the end of the day.  I hope that clarifies the intent of this
shortened AccuVote report.
  The 194usca.abo (194 California) reports have been updated.  2 changes:

1) Add the short election results back to the Election Zero Report,

2) Add precinct breakdowns to cards cast results of the default Election Results Report which was in the original request but had never been implemented.

The revised files are at:

ftp://ftp.gesn.com/pub/incoming/194usca.zip for the pre-1.94y version, and
ftp://ftp.gesn.com/pub/incoming/194y-usca.zip for the 1.94y version that prints party codes on the cards cast results,

both with password: ab4dkdbw8ccb .

  So the default Election Results Report looks something like:

CARD            QUANTITY
    3                  1
    4                  2
TOTAL                  3
CARD            QUANTITY
    3                  2
    5                  3
TOTAL                  5

 BLANK VOTED           0
 OVERVOTED             0
 UNDERVOTED            0
 WRITE-IN              0
 TOTAL BALLOTS         8