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Re: Cal Export in 1.17.7

Brief explanation of using CALExport (as far as I know, I did not create this stuff the State of California did)
The California export uses two template files for each county.  The template files are received from the state and the once I have received are named as follows:
    <countId><electiontype>.txt    - this is the template file for the election night reports.
    <countId><electiontype>.txt - this is the SSOV template file that is used to send the SSOV report after the election.
    Therefore Tulare County whose id is 5400, will have files 5400PG.txt and 5400PGSSOVC.txt for the General Election and 5400PP.txt and 5400PPSSOV.txt for the primary election.
You must set up the cross reference for both of these templates using the GEMS California Export utility.  Then during the election export the results using the <countId>PG.txt file, selecting the correct report type from the option list in the California Export utility.  After the election (I think) send the SSOV report using the <countId>PGSSOV.txt file.
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Subject: Cal Export in 1.17.7

Any chance of a brief explanation of how SOV and SSOV templates are to be used.  Are they seperate file imports or do we have to do one, then after the election do the other? 
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