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Edgecombe, NC modem problems (GEMS 1.14.11)

Gayle Hudson, the director of elections for Edgecombe County, North Carolina is experiencing difficulty with her modems.  I am posting the text of the messages she wrote describing the problem and the text of the message I sent when I called in some other people for their input.  I am now posting it here in the hope of getting a comprehensive response.


Gayle wrote:

I have been testing my modems again today.  The problem still exists.  After a modem is received, the status changes to "disconnect" and then to "modem on line".  When the status is "modem on line" the last message is blank. 


After some time, the status changes to "waiting for call" and the last message changes to "Lost DSR".


The interesting thing is that sometimes when it says "lost DSR" and I try to send in a new precinct, it changes to start and accepts the modem call.  Other times it just sits there and does not respond.  In those cases I do not hear the modem even trying to get in.


The phone company has still not corrected the problem with the phone lines and the rotary set up.  That may be the problem.  I will let you know after it is fixed.



Gayle wrote:

I had my phone lines fixed and have tested the modems again.  The modem, after upload, still goes to "modem on line" and after some time to "lost DSR".  I tested today with two coming in at the same time.  The first com port had already been used, so it was reading "lost DSR".  When the two started coming in both ports accepted the modems and uploaded.  In other words it did not freeze up.  Hope it works okay on Tuesday.


I don't have much time to spare on Monday.  If you think this modem thing is a problem, please call.  Otherwise I guess we'll see how it works with all precincts reporting.



Gayle wrote:

Before the May 2nd primary, we talked about problems I was having with the modems locking up after receiving a call.  On May 2nd even though the message said "Lost DSR" , when a new call would come in it would roll over and accept the call.


However, during the May 30th Second Primary it did not clear.  It locked up many times.  I had to stop the ports and restart to get all the modems in.  Could you talk to the technical people and see if they can come up with an answer to this problem.  If you recall, you called me and gave me new settings for some internal workings.  I thought it was fixed based on the first primary, but obviously something is not right.



Gayle wrote:

After the May Second Primary I sent you an e-mail about our modem problems.  Probably because so many precincts were reporting at the same time, we had a lot of lock ups of the modems.  But they should disengage after receiving a call.  I continually had to stop and restart the modems so we could receive the next data.



Tyler wrote:

I am disseminating this message in the hope that we can solve it.  Gayle is running GEMS  When I get a chance, I will review any e-mail traffic we may have had about the 1.14 releases and modems not hanging up.  In the meantime, I thought it wise to distribute this to a wider audience.  If initial investigations don't get anywhere, I may post to support.