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Modems and Hunt groups.

I am dealing with 2 accounts.  One running GEMS 1-11-8 -#1, with US Robotics 28800 modems, and the other running GEMS 1-17-4 -#2, with Digi Modems. 
Problem with County #1, after the first call comes in accuvotes dialing in at the same time, hang at requesting communication, or the line is busy, and do not role over.  If I call the lines separately, I can reach each of the modems.  If I have 4 people call in to these lines at the same time, through the main hunt number.  The hunt group moves to the next available line like it is supposed to.  The modems are all set up properly.  They all answer when called separately. 
Problem with County #2, If they receive a call, say on port 3.  If that person on the other end unplugs the phone line from the AccuVote before turning the AccuVote off, like the message says, GEMS then changes the port status to accuvote online, not modem online, and the hunt group will not proceed to the next available line until you turn off the accuvote, or reset the port.