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RE: AVTS-3-13-5

Hi Dmitry,
The BallotStation seems to work fine for the AVTS units.  What I was talking about in the email below, is running BallotStation on my notebook computer.  Up till now, I've been able to do it without using a card reader.  It seems the latest BallotStation requires a card reader to work.  Was that deliberate?
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The new BallotStation seems to require the use of a card reader, even when I am just trying to create some AVTS diskettes.  It never used to behave in this manner, was this a change? or an oversite?
take care,
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AVTS-3-13-5 is ready. The passwords are:
AVTS-3-13-5.zip         b1hntikytfndm
AVTSIS-3-13-5.zip      cmbs/peft1arg



         Fix problem with varying boldness of candidate names when scaled.
         Reduce timeout on printer when printing directly.
         Fixed problem in Ballot Station when shut down did not work properly.