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RE: AVTS Printer Error Message

Interesting.  Rob, can you play "BIOS Boy" and see if there are any glaring differences between the units that work and those that don't?  Do the ones that fail always fail, or is it a Heisenbug?
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Subject: RE: AVTS Printer Error Message

We started doing a test on all of our AVTS units here in LA and we have found 4 additional machines with the same problem.  All of them are VIBS units...coincidence????  I think not.
What are the chances that a conflict exists between the sound card and the printer?
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Subject: AVTS Printer Error Message

I Set one AVTS unit for Election.
Started running zero report.  It printed an inch of the report.
Then came up with this error:
    Error writing to LPT1: for document no name document name: The requested resource is in use.  Do you wish to retry or cancel the job?
Any ideas on what to do?