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RE: City of Barrie, Canada - AVTS units

Everywhere but Saskatchewan AFAIK.  Anyway, either way you wouldn't have to change it manually.  Just uncheck the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes" checkbox under the Time Zone tab for places that don't do it.
Just for the record, things are not so simple on the AV, which is what I presume has Greg confused.  The AV doesn't have any nonvolatile memory, and its clock chip is not very bright.  With the AV the change to daylight savings time has always been a pain given its proximity to the Nov elections.
From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of Jeff Hintz
Sent: Wednesday, September 27, 2000 10:13 AM
Does Canada do Daylight Saving Time???  If so, the computer will automatically do it for you.  If not, then we will have to do it manually again.
From: owner-support@gesn.com [mailto:owner-support@gesn.com]On Behalf Of Greg Forsythe
Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 6:22 AM

Hi Jeff
You do realize that by advancing all the AVTS by one hour you may have to retard them by the same hour when Eastern Daylight Saving Time Changes back to Eastern Standard Time in October for the November election.