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(SERIOUS) RE: Gems 1.17.2 - avts - Gaston, NC

This looks like the same bug as Jeff Hintz and Steve Knecht reported under "Opening Proceedures".  I understand it has been fixed, and will be in (I think) 3.13.4.  I am not sure when the bug was introduced, nor the nature of the problem, but Tab might so you can try asking him.
This is a serious bug.  Having a corrupt election.adt on election day will spell disaster, so if you have a broken release (whatever those are) you'll need to upgrade.  Oddly, El Paso TX ran their last election on and didn't come across the problem, but like I say I don't know what triggers it.  Or maybe there is a work around;  I dunno.
From: Jane Barth [mailto:jbglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Thursday, September 21, 2000 5:09 PM
To: Ken Clark
Subject: Re: Gems 1.17.2 - avts - Gaston, NC

Hey Ken,
Understood your reply below and it sounded very sane.  However, I can download any vc, except One Stop.  I receive a New message after downloading:
Transfer Complete
Loading election....
The following error has been detected:
Exception in BallotStation
Invalid file header - election.adt
Why does this look familiar.  I've check previous support & bugtrack emails and no luck.