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RE: Cobb

Just a very quick follow up to this.  Most of Cobb's stress was because she
had to get the ballots out immediately for early voting.  That is not an
unusual occurrence in our business.  This was the first time they used 18"
ballots.  Accounts can mitigate a lot of this stress by sending off a sample
postscript artwork file to their printer well in advance of the deadline.
The ballots don't have to be perfect -- they just need to have the right
size and any other special factors like color, landscape, or whatever.  That
way offset and driver issues can be worked out with the printer at a
different time than the day they are busy trying to generate and proof
hundreds of ballots.  I have seen this too many times to count.


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> Mike, Don, Ken, Nel and Steve:  Thanks for your help guys.  I appreciate
> the teamwork and so does the client.
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