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Re: Label text not writing to ballot text

The riched20.dll appears to upgrade with installation of the GEMSIS-1-17-2.  This was installed before upgrading from SP5 to SP6a.  I copied the riched20.dll from my laptop and installed.  The size was 422 kb and the date 1999.  Their system operates correctly with this one exception.
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From: Mike Brown
Sent: September 12, 2000 5:06 PM
Subject: RE: Label text not writing to ballot text

I upgraded from SP5 to SP6a and found no changes to riched20.dll.  I still had to download the riched20.dll from the ftp site and install it.
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Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2000 11:13 AM
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Subject: Fw: Label text not writing to ballot text

Since I have had no response to this, should I  1. assume there is no solution  2. wait until someone responds  3. change my name
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To: Support
Sent: September 11, 2000 12:12 PM
Subject: Label text not writing to ballot text

GEMSIS-1-17-2        City of Kingston
Downloaded the install shield to NT4.0 Back Office Server, SP5, Riched20.dll (422kb).  Text in label fields does not write to ballot area in Race Editor.  Cut and Paste candidates to ballot area produced ovals only on ballot in Ballot Editor.
Installed SP6.
Able to cut and paste from label to ballot text and appears in Ballot Editor.  In a conversation with an unnamed support person, (MB), there may a .dll needing an upgrade.  If so, please let me know.
Customer sent their database to me and it works correctly.
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