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Imation disk forced to be removable "D" drive

The Imation disk drive is being assigned as the last IDE drive in the chain, by NT4.0, when the 120 MB removable media is installed;
Any other scenario causes the Imation to be the A drive.
Using Kens, reverse logic, the Imation can be forced to assume the drive D identifier in all cases as follows:
Change bios settings, forcing Imation to always be the D drive.
1)   Category     "Standard CMOS Setup"      Setting   "Drive D = NONE"
2)   Category     "Standard CMOS Setup"      Setting   "Drive A = 1.44,3.5 in."
3)   Category     "Standard CMOS Setup"      Setting   "Drive B = 1.44,3.5 in."
4)   Category     "Standard CMOS Setup"      Setting   "Halt On = ALL,BUT DISK/KEY"
5)   Category     "BIOS Features Setup"        Setting    "Swap Floppy Drive = DISABLED"
6)   Category     "BIOS Features Setup"        Setting    "Boot Sequence = C ONLY"
7)   Category     "BIOS Features Setup"        Setting    "Boot Up  Floppy SeekDISABLED"
Set Registry, Default Directory ,to look for drive D.
8)    Start/Run/Regedit       Category      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Global Election Systems / Accuvote-TS
                                        Setting        Def Dir = D:/
Jeff Hallmark