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RE: What's this Help Desk software database?

The software is called “HEAT”  It seems to be one of the best in the industry.  I know that there are many out there, but this one offered the flexibility that I believe we need.   I have been collecting data in spreadsheet fashion and after the November election, we will begin entering in the system.  At that time I am sure there will be requests for information and input from many sources.  I am not in a position to venture a guess when we will go live with it, but it will be a priority for the year 2001.




I too am glad to see it becoming a reality.  As we grow it is becoming a necessity that we use this type of a tool.


Thanks for your interest.



Larry J. Dix

Global Election Systems



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Larry Dix wrote:

There is no record of this at the company level with this information, but I agree there should be.This will be provisions for this information in the new Help Desk software database.That really does not help us for this election, but is planned to be in place in the future.

  You've piqued my interest.  What's this Help Desk software database?  What kind of data will it store?  Who will have access to it?  How can we contribute to it?

  I'm rather curious because I looked in to setting up such a beast eons ago when we were using dumb terminals hanging off of minicomputers.  The options were too expensive at the time.  I'm very glad to hear that it's actually happening.  :-)