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Column width for three columns

Posted on behalf of Tari and Knecht.  There are 32 channels on the AccuVote reader, which means that a three column ballot must have one of the three columns 10 channels wide and the other two 11.  The way the columns are calculated was changed in 1.14 to support landscape ballots.  Doing a quick test on 1.16.9, it looks like the current behavior is 11, 11, 10;  however, Tari seems to indicate that some of her accounts have a "narrow" first column.  This is causing width problems with the presidential race.  If this is the case, please send me a copy of the database in question so I can take a look.
Note that there is no real "bug" here.  No matter what, some column needs to be 10, and whatever column we choose is not going to work for some ballot layout.  The correct answer to this problem is a long standing to-do (don't think there is an RCR) to be able to define the column widths.  Its not trivial because the correct user interface is a ruler-like control where you can drag around the widths.  This might be a good enough excuse to get around to it though.  I'll let you know more once I have seen the database.