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Re: City of Barrie, Canada - AVTS units

We will try to respond to your requests as much as possible. 
We do try to put the correct time on the units when we know where the units are being delivered before they are packed.  We will try to do better. 
We will leave the plastic coating on the door taping from now on.  I will research other tapes for one more suitable for this application.
We will do our best pushing up the network cables but they are likely to shift during transport.  Unfortunately there is no other area to route the cable.
Keep us informed of suggested improvements.
Steve R.
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From: Jeff Hintz
Sent: Monday, August 28, 2000 10:58 AM
Subject: City of Barrie, Canada - AVTS units

Just a couple of added suggestions for when the AVTS units are sent to a customer.  It would be nice if the Date & Time were set according to where they are shipped.  I had to change all the AVTS units to be Eastern Time and change the time ahead 1 hour.  The Network cords that come out of the back of the unit should be pushed up and out of the way of the disk drive.  Also, the 2 doors with the rubber tape attached should have the plastic coating stay attached, so as the doors do not seal shut.  I had to pry open most all the doors with a screwdriver, and then reattach the rubber strips.  There were a couple of machines that had the plastic coating over the rubber strips still attached, and those doors did not stick.
Just some ideas for the future.
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems