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RE: AVTS units sent to City of Barrie, Canada

Registry Settings
Jeff Hallmark or Juan Rivera would best answer questions about registry settings.  If there are any changes you would like, they would be the best people to ask.  Manufacturing makes copies of master hard drives setup by Technical Support.  We can implement changes to the existing setup, but not without Support's approval and written procedures.
Paper Roll Spooling
If the paper roll is threaded into the printer mechanism at manufacturing, then the paper roll becomes unspooled during shipping.  This causes drag on the paper when the printer is trying to pull it through.  This drag can cause the paper to not feed at the proper line rate or not feed at all which affects the printout.  Therefore, we don't thread the paper roll into the printer mechanism at manufacture.  We do test the printer with another paper roll, but not the paper roll that is shipped with the unit.
This manufacturing procedure is the same as for the AccuVote-OS.
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Is there a reason why all of the 60 AVTS units sent here to the City of Barrie, Canada do not have the Shutdown registry item set to 1.  Currently it is set to 0, so when you touch Shutdown button within the software, you only go to the desktop and it does not automattically shut down.  Also, why do we not feed the paper into the printers on each of these units before it is shipped, or should the customer be doing this???
Jeff Hintz
Global Election Systems