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RE: FTP site not available

Please take care of the FTP site.  We are all still having problems here and this is unacceptable, especially since this is the 3rd day now. 
I am able to get to the ftp site (ftp.gesn.com), the pub and the GEMS directory, but only after a wait of about 20-25 minutes at each directory.  I have to wait similar times for the download of a file to start.  So basically it took over an hour for me to grab the latest GEMS release.
I am not experiencing any similar problems when I try other ftp sites on the net.
Take care,
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Steve Knecht wrote:
I reported this to Guy about 10 days ago.  A server change is locking those of us coming in from the outside.  It is still occurring I guess.  Is there some address number change that occured, but our save features in Explorer are still inserting the old numeric address and locking??

  Are you still having problems Steve?  At the time, we found that IE was changing the ftp://ftp.gesn.com URL to ftp://lucy.gesn.com which won't work outside our offices.  That problem has been fixed.

  This other problem seems to be related to using Windows FTP clients from dial up accounts that do not have a reverse DNS entry.  Normally ISP's set up DNS (Domain Name System) entries for all their modems so that looking up the IP address that you get with your Internet connection will resolve to some DNS name.  It seems that many of the EarthLink dial-up sites do not follow this and their IP addresses are not resolvable.

  In trying to reproduce the problem, I find that IE is not truly locked up but just waiting for an overly long time.  Leave it a few minutes and it will work fine.  Not that this is a solution but it hints to the problem.  As the Internet becomes less friendly, more security "features" are added to programs and I suspect that one of these new features is at the root of the problem.

  We'll keep on it but we can't consider this a high priority at this time.  In the meantime, there are 3 options if you run in to this problem:

1) Use the http://ftp.gesn.com/pub URL to get stuff off the site.

2) Leave your client for a few minutes until the connection completes and then you can use FTP normally.

3) Use email to transfer stuff.

  Stay tuned for further developments.