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Re: Follow on Sales

Hi Barry, these are unusual happenings, but I'm note sure of your intent. Other than that customer, how are ya doing? Just so you'l know Barry, the Doc finally took me off that stuff that was causing the problems you saw me with in Minnesota. Course I'm still left with some uncertaintys, the lessor of the two, I'd say..
Regards, Charlie
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From: Barry Herron <bhglobal@earthlink.net>
To: Support <support@gesn.com>
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2000 3:15 Aftrnoon
Subject: Follow on Sales

Certain customers are always providing opportunities for additional sales.  Hamilton County, TN is one such customer.  No reflection on Cathi Smothers.
In the March 2000 election a ballot box was delivered to a volunteer fire department on Friday.  Over the weekend the firehouse was used for a party.  Needing a trash container, a volunteer fireman cut the top lock off the box and used it for a trash bin.
In the recent August 3rd Primary, a ballot box was delivered to a precinct that was locked.  The ballot box was left outside a Goodwill store next to the precinct.  Not knowing what it was the workers at the Goodwill store tried to sell the box over the weekend.  After no buyers they had the box along with other scrap items thrown into the crusher on Monday morning.  One of the ladies that worked at the store recognized the box while voting and confessed to the disappearance of the missing ballot box.
At this rate, Hamilton will replace all their ballot boxes over the next several years.  All replacements are sold at full market value.
Proud Sales Rep of Hamilton County