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Re: Official Options For Withdrawn Candidates?

Tari Runyan wrote:
are the X roms available for testing yet?please put me on the list to ship beta roms to please..

On May 18, 2000 Guy Lancaster wrote:

  I'm issuing a beta release of the 1.94y firmware and I encourage all interested parties to give it a try before we make a general release.  You can order your copies from the order desk in McKinney (or Vancouver for Canadian shipments).  The release notes are attached.

  Probably the most important thing is that this fixes the modem detection bug in 1.94x so that the features in that release will be available.  There is currently no date set for a general release so we have some time to try it before we buy it.  When testing, we need to check:

  • Upload and download both direct and by modem (internal and external) with GEMS and VTS.
  • The use of the count header cards and the counter override cards (less important) with GEMS Auto Absentee both enabled and disabled.
  • Handling of 128K memory cards (from 1.94x).
  • Reduction of NOT READ ballot errors using a change in timing mark filtering.
  • Anything else that you care to throw at it especially from the 1.94x and 1.94y release notes.
  If you feel that you need something in this release let me know and we'll work out a release date.  And, as always, keep us informed using the support and bugtrack lists of tests that you've run so that we can get a feel for how stable this is.  Beta releases are tracked by date and checksum so please refer to those in your reports.



Accu-Vote Optical Scanner - Beta Release 1.94y
Revised May 18, 2000


To fix some bugs and support counting absentee ballots at the polls while the polls are open.


The 1.94y release of the Accu-Vote firmware is based on the 1.94x release. The precinct count upload protocol remains compatible with all 1.9 VTS versions. The precinct count download protocol and the memory cards are compatible with previous 1.94 releases.

All Releases

  • Allow setting February 29th on leap years.
  • Fix modem detection bug introduced in 1.94x that prevented communications when using a common Accu-Vote internal modem.
  • External USR modems tested at 9600 bps for communications with GEMS.
Precinct Counter (PC) Release

Also in the 1.95e release:

  • Support the new GEMS-1.16->Setup->AccuVote Options->Tally Settings->Auto Absentee checkbox which allows the Accu-Vote to determine whether a ballot should be counted as polling or absentee based on its ballot identification marks.  This requires either that polling and absentee ballots have unique card numbers in which case the absentee ballots can be counted at any time without the use of header cards, or that the new Counter Group Header cards be used to resolve conflicts.
  • Support new Counter Group Header cards.  With the GEMS Auto Absentee option selected, these can be used to override the count group normally associated with a particular card ID or to resolve conflicts when a particular card ID is used in multiple count groups (i.e. polling and absentee).  With the Auto Absentee option selected, the old Absentee Count Card operates as a Counter Group Header, Absentee card.
  • Support using either the "Counter Group Header, Polling" card or the "Counter Group Header, No Override" card to return to polling count mode after counting absentee ballots using an Absentee Count Card.  This applies only when the new GEMS Auto Absentee option is not enabled.
  • No longer require the Absentee Count Card before the Ender Card when counting absentee ballots at the polls.
  • When using a ballot box (i.e. when not using a feeder), no longer require that an override be cleared before setting a new override.  Previously when a Precinct Header Card was used, you would need to use a Precinct Separator Card before using a new Precinct Header Card.  In non-feeder modes the YES and NO buttons must be held while feeding any control card which is considered a sufficient check against accidental use.
  • When using an Accu-Feed, an override using either a Precinct Header Card or a Counter Group Header Card must be cleared before a new override can be set or before the Ender Card will be accepted.  In feeder mode, the Accu-Vote will quietly process all control cards as long as all header cards are matched by appropriate ender cards.
  • The pre-election unmarked and fully marked ballot tests now identify all control card types and can be used to verify that control cards are readable.  At this time the tests do not identify the override ID on the override cards.
New for 1.94f:
  • When using counter group overrides, check that the card is valid for the current counter group.  Prior to the Auto Absentee option there were absentee counters for all cards when using absentee cards.  Now cards can be absentee only or polling only.  The override cards are only needed when Auto Absentee is enabled and there are ballot cards that are not unique to a count group (i.e. they are used for both polling site and absentee voting).
  • Fix bug that caused reports to loop endlessly when trying to determine the party code for partisan closed primary ballots.
  • (AV-OS-PC-AE Beta Rel 1.94y) Precinct Counter American English Beta Release 1.94y with checksums A:DC4C and B:B4DD dated 00-05-18.
  • (AV-OS-PC-AE Beta Rel 1.94y) Precinct Counter American English Beta Release 1.94y on a 128K ROM with checksum 9564 dated 00-05-18.
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      Greg says that he used Beta 1.94y in a demo and they worked great but I have heard nothing else.  They probably won't be released for general use until someone decides that they need them.