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Re: Best low cost printer for VTS?

"Ian S. Piper" wrote:
It's actually $1700.00 for an HP5000 with postscript and 20MB of RAM.
  How much RAM do we need?  20MB sounds excessive.  The 2100M comes with 8MB which I expect should do the job.
Can they use any 11 X 17 postscript printer with HP Laser Jet emulation?  Or will it not work with the each printer's paper bin selects?
  We don't need HP LaserJet emulation and 11x17 is optional.  In fact any postscript capable printer *should* work if the customer will either manually select trays or will pay us to customize a driver for the job.  If they can only handle 8.5 inch wide then they can scale their work which will be the case for the 2100M.  11x17 is certainly nice though if they'll pay for it.  I would still have the 5000 be the recommended printer.