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Memory Cards

To All:
I would like to advise you that we have a delay in receiving our new order of 128KB memory cards for this quarter.  I'm sure you're all aware that electronic memory is a commodity market these days.  128KB memory cards will not be available for 6 - 7 weeks. 
We did, however, come into approx. 400 -  32KB memory cards.  With this limited supply of new memory cards, only allow customers to order what they absolutely need.  We will not be able to supply large new memory card orders until the middle of September.  I apologize for the delay but, at this time, we have no other resources to fall back on for new memory cards.
If anybody has extra memory cards (functional) in their home offices, please send them immediately into Global McKinney for refurbishment.  We can supply refurbished cards to customers at a reduced rate (refurbished 32KB = $100.00).


Ian S. Piper
Manufacturing Manager
Global Election Systems, Inc.