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RE: PostScript Level 1 Drivers?

All drivers are largely compatible with PS1.  If someone is asking you, the correct answer is:  "GEMS can generate postscript for all devices that have a Microsoft Postscript driver.  Most, if not all postscript devices have a MS driver".
If they don't know what driver to use, start running.  If you are tied to a tree and can't run, as them what software/system they use for their "raster image processor".  If they don't know what that is, explain that it is the thing they use to turn postscript into plates.  Then contact their RIP vendor and ask what PS driver to use.
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Sent: Friday, July 21, 2000 7:52 AM
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Subject: PostScript Level 1 Drivers?

Concerning the creation of ballot image files - which, if any, of our available print drivers for NT/GEMS accommodate PostScript level 1 devices? 

Cathi Smothers
Global Election Systems