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The Township of Russell and Voter Groups

I am having difficulty setting up this small database.  Would appreciate some help.
two Accu-Votes for both polling day and advance poll
The township contains the Town of Russell and the Russell police village, Town of Embrun and the Embrun police village, farmland (rural).  Only some of the townspeople can vote in the police village.
I set up the two police villages as Voter Groups with separate ballots and tracking registration.  The two towns would have their appropriate police villages.  The non partisan would be the rest of the towns outside of the police villages and rural.
This should generate;
ballot for the Mayor and Council in Russell Township
ballot for the Mayor, Council and Russell police village
ballot for the Mayor, Council and Embrun police village
No problem.
Now, a second Voter Group consisting of four different school boards has to be added including the non partisan for a total of five ballots separate ballots for each of the above, for a total of 15 ballots.
These are the ballots I am trying to generate:
Russell Township
Mayor and Council alone and then combined with English Public, English Separate, French Public and French Separate - 5 ballots
Russell police village
Mayor, Council and Russell police village and then combined with EP, ES, FP and FS - 5 ballots
Embrun police village
Mayor, Council and Embrun police village, and again with EP, ES, FP and FS - 5 ballots.
Attached is a database in GEMS-1-16-7-1, password - global 

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Attachment: russell township.gbf
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