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Reload Op Sys

My computer at my office (Compaq Presario 4160) is displaying the following symptoms more frequently all the time.  The green light on the disk will start up when nothings happening ( I may have several programs open) and it will take up so much time doing whatever it is doing that the cursor or keyboard is essentially locked up.  I can sometimes (50%) of the time do a CTRL-Alt-Delete and sometimes end a task or shutdown, but more often than not, disk just spins and systems gets totally unuseable and lost.
Maybe I've bombed some part of the op sys of Windows 95, as this is happening four or five times a day if I'm at my desk.  Suggestions?   I was thinking of having McKinney send a Windows98 CD and reloading the Op Sys.  Can I do that without reloading everything else on the system.  There are some things I use (MicroSoft Project) that I don't have a CD for anymore).  Suggestions? Thanks