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FW: Virginia Sertification

Sorry, I forgot to copy this to support.
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From: Jeff Hintz [mailto:jhglobal@earthlink.net]
Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 2:17 PM
To: 'Dmitry Papushin'
Subject: RE: Virginia Sertification

I tried this new ballot station and do not get the machine ID.  Also, it might be better to put the Release info and the Report Time at the top of the report, even before the TOTALS REPORT heading, but that is my opinion.  The reason I say to put the Release and Report Time at the top is that we also need to do an accumulation in the Poll Book and print out each Machine ID and Counters Total, then a summary of all machines.
For Example:
AVTS Unit - Ballot Station                        AVTS Unit - Poll Book
Accu-Touch Release 3.12                        Accu-Touch Release 3.12
Report Time                                            Report Time
Tue Jul 11 14:12:41 2000                         Tue Jul 11 14:12:41 2000
******************************                        ******************************
     TOTALS REPORT                                    TOTALS REPORT
******************************                        ******************************
Gaston County, NC                                 Gaston County, NC
May 2, 2000                                            May 2, 2000
All Precincts                                            All Precincts
VCenter:                10                              VCenter:                   10
Machine:                0                               Machine:                   0
Counters:               145                            Counters:                  145
                                                              Machine:                   1
******************************                         Counters:                  135
  Summary Report                                    Machine:                   2
******************************                         Counters:                  200
                                                               Total Counters:          480
                                                                    Summary Report
Something like this.
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From: Dmitry Papushin [mailto:dmitry@gesn.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 2:55 PM
To: Jeff Hintz
Subject: Virginia Sertification

Hi Jeff,
Attached Ballot Station 3-12-6 which prints VC Label, VC Id and machine ID on the total report.
Please let me know if you need any other info to be printed on a report.