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RE: Virginia Certification

Dmitry, give them both by precinct and jurisdiction-wide summary as separate reports, kind of like SOVC vs Summary reports.  Users that actually want to report write-in candidates need to manually enter them in by-precinct if they are reporting by-precinct, so the report you currently have is still useful.
On another note, I think we should keep Crystal 8 in the bag until we actually use its new features for something (read, GEMS 1.17).  Requiring that everyone upgrade their Crystal DLLs is going to cause an unnecessary support headache.
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Subject: RE: Virginia Certification

I copied in these files and I am able to get the report now.  However, the report needs to have an accumulation of the consistent Write-In candidate names, not an accumulation of each precinct.  For example:  we have a County Wide race, that is in every precinct, say 50 precincts.  400 voters have written in the name Bob Dole exactly the same way within these 50 precincts.  We need to have an accumulation of that Write-In name, Bob Dole = 400.  The Ballot Serial number, Vote Center, & Counter Group information would not be necessary.  Only the Write-In name, the Count, and the Race name.
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Subject: Re: Virginia Certification

Sorry Jeff, i've created the new report in version 8 of Crystall and did not realize that we need new dll's to run it.
Please extract WinNT_Crystal into "C:\WinNT\Crystall" directory and WinNTSystem32 into "C:\WinNT\System32\" directory.
I'll update installpack with the new files, so please let me know if you need an installpack and what version of GEMS do you