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Ian, according to Guy, we have two types of memory cards, CMOS and mixed MOS.  The former battery lifetime is 10 years and the latter 5.

  1. Some counties are asking me what their battery lifetime should be and I could only tell if I knew what had been sold to them.  Can you make this information available to us?
  2. Is the telegraph pole test the single reliable way of telling that a memory card battery is low?
  3. Should/can we advocate customers to replace batteries (that can apparently be purchased from Radio Shack and the likes)?
  4. Could - as some Florida customers have suggested - low batteries be linked to corruption?

Regarding AccuVote batteries:

  1. are any measures available to anticipate leakage?
  2. is battery leakage linked to a particular brand (ie. Yuwasa)?
  3. can battery leakage be prevented?
  4. should AccuVotes be automatically shipped to Global for recuperation in case of leakage?

Thanks, Nel