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AVTS-3-13-1 Testing Release

AVTS-3-13-1 testing release is ready. The passwords are:

AVTSIS-3-13-1.zip                  bknd94bmdiopv
AVTSIS-NOMDAC-3-13-1.zip   cvbvnbse1d1sd


                     Improved exception handling during voting.
                     Converted to using RichEdit 20.
                     Implement PA straigh party behavior.
                     Change shutdown buttons caption to 'Shell" or "ShutDown System" depending
on registry "Shutdown".
                     Fixed problem with truncating bottom of RTF text during display.
                     Show precinct label on the cast ballot screen.
                     Print VCenterID and MachineID on the total report.
                     Fixed bug in BuildElect that assumed candidate languages downloade in the same
order as the vgroup's languages. 
                     Changed LangSelDlg to use the bstext data rather than the language description.
                     Added check in BuildElecDlg that all items using RTFData have data for all
                     Fixed problem in FileUtil that did not correctly determine if path was empty.