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RE: Voting Position on the Right for TS

The RCR complete message went out a while ago on this, but now that 3.13 is imminent, it deserves a quick comment.  The right/left vote box for the AVTS is controlled by the right/left oval ballot option.  That is, there is no flag in the AVTS setup dialog. 
It didn't seem reasonable to want left paper ovals and right AVTS boxes, and this way GEMS has one less radio button to deal with.
From: Mike Brown [mailto:mike@gesn.com]

A great place for this would be in the AccuVote-TS options Dialog.



From: Greg Forsythe [mailto:gfglobal@earthlink.net]

Request that the AVTS have an option for voting on the right side of the candidate's name.  The Ontario Election Act states that the voting position must be placed to the right of the candidate's name.