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Pollbook Function

After several discussions with Tab, Frank and Deborah the pollbook issue remains problematic.  Frank, Deborah, and I believe that a laptop with a card burner is NOT a viable option for pollworkers.  It is cumbersome and generally is too complicated for most pollworkers.  It may work fine in an early voting environment, but in the precinct we need something much simpler.  In early voting we can train staff. In the precinct, we need a turn on, turn off card burner unit (maybe it has its own pcmcia card so it knows what styles it can burn).  Maybe the laptop pollbook unit is in CE and will boot directly into the application and effectively do what I'm suggesting.  I don't know.
The AccuVote-TS is one piece of our new voting system.  The system must include:
  • smart card burner (easy to use pollbook application)
  • integrated booth
  • testing procedures and hardware to test hundreds or thousands of units.
I would like to see some folks in development, management, and field sales re-look at these issues to insure that all the requirements of this new product are being considered.