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Re: Postscript export

Lee at Fayettville originally made me aware of Transverter in working on the Florida and Georgia Presidential primaries.  I do not know to what extent other print companies are aware of this product - I certainly have not discussed its usage with anyone other than Lee.  It should be understood (as I had made amply clear to Lee) that any procedure, conversion, etc. that deviates from a tried-and-true norm in the printing process should be tested thoroughly.  Inasmuch as Lee imports our artwork to CorelDraw, the onus is on him to verify that conversions are faithful.  From my discussions with Lee I am under the impression that he is very thorough in his work.
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Interesting stuff, Nel.  Are any of our ballot printers aware of this?  We should test it before we sanction it, of course, but it sounds like it could solve some of the problems we’ve been having with Fayetteville Printing.  Or did you hear about it from them?  Be honest now…




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Transverter Pro is a Postsript viewer that allows Postscript code (such as our ballot artwork) to be exported to other formats.  Free evaluation copies can be downloaded from www.techpool.com that overlay images with a grid and banner, preventing commercial usage.  Transverter has been successfully used to export GEMS artwork for use in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator format.  Export formats include wmf, emf, bmp, gif, etc.