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RE: Ethan Allen

We are safe here.  Sounds like the person who sent you the Doc’s did not clean their system properly.  Quarantine means mark it and set it aside for later infectionJ  You should either fix it with Norton or delete it.



Mike Brown

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I don't know what this virus is (Ethan Allen - who was that guy anyway?) or how bad it is, but I keep getting it in documents from McKinney.  The AVTS User Document of 6-18-99.doc seems to be infected and Norton suggests quarantine.  What does quarantine really mean?  Since its now on most everybody's computer should we all delete it, hire a new less infected documentation specialist who's had their shots, or is quarantine enough?


Is this a "bad guy" or should I ignore it?  Can someone in McKinney track this puppy down and permanently rid us of the vexing little bug, it's been going on for a long long time.  Concerned (maybe I shouldn't be).  Waiting to hear from Mt. Olympus.