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RE: GEMS Settings "SAVE"

Settings under the Setup dropdown menu can be saved in the .dbf of the master file (which contains the district and precinct information).  When the .dbf is loaded back into LocalDB under a new name, the settings in the .dbf come with it.


Saving settings for election night reports is another matter.  The customer can customize the settings screen the way they want and use Snagit to create a document which shows those settings and which can be referred to later.  Personally, I would not mind having the ability for GEMS to save election night report settings the way VTS did.




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I notice that with all the reports, none of the settings options that you use are "saved" during an election. If you boot up GEMS it starts over again.  Question:  Can there be some sort of "manager" that looks at each area: AccuVote settings options, Report settings options, etc. and allows the user to "SAVE" the settings so that two days later when GEMS is booted again, all report formats etc. are still there.  Same concept would hold true from election to election.  I'm writing to support because I don't know whether this function already exists or not.  I'll RCR it if not.