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Primary Election - 2 Cards per voter - Political & Non-Partisan - Blank Card created

I am working on a Primary & General election for Shelby County, TN and each voter will receive a Political ballot along with a Non-Partisan – (General) ballot.  I have 3 Voter groups defined, the N.P. default voter group, a Democratic voter group, and a Republican voter group, all specified as separate ballots.  The only way I am able to get the Non-Partisan to actually be completely separate is to create a Header and specify Next Card.  This works fine, however, it creates a blank Non-Partisan card; which in turn creates problems with Pre Election Reports – Base Precincts with Cards, and other reports with the Parties being printed.  I really should only have 3 cards per Reporting Precinct, but I have 4, with that blank card.  Is there a way to get rid of this blank card, or am I setting it up wrong???  


Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems