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Re: Synopsis of .abo files

Are you saying that in order to use the Ca abo file And have it print the party code next to the card # - we need a ROM change to 194y or the next one ?
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From: Guy Lancaster <glanca@gesn.com>
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Date: Friday, May 19, 2000 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: Synopsis of .abo files

  Such a popular thread!!!  Regarding:

Tari Runyan wrote:

the report I did - the Ca abo is for a primary and the parties are not listed next to the card # --since Gems creates PS files in the format 1-120000-DEM-b  maybe that is something that could be incorporated into the abo - instead of the 10000 #


John McLaurin Earthlink wrote:

In reading over this very helpful information, I found the 194 Georgia format.The customers have been indicating that they need to see the ballots (cards cast report) with the party name in the primary election.I am wondering if they in fact have this format for there AVOS units in that I believe they are getting the stand 194 US report.How/Where do I go to see and change this if warranted.

please note from "RCR:Accu-Vote reports - Election Totals Report in short format with Cards Cast breakdown by party" that

  A revised version will be posted once the 1.94y firmware is released.  It will print the 3 character party code alongside the card number for closed primary partisan ballots.
because 1.94y has (from the Beta release notes):
  • Fix bug that caused reports to loop endlessly when trying to determine the party code for partisan closed primary ballots.
which means that we can not print the party codes for partisan primary ballots prior to firmware 1.94y which is currently out in Beta as per yesterday's announcement.  After I announced the 1.94y Beta I updated the source code for 194usga (the Georgia Accu-Basic report program) and then responded to the request for the .abo synopsis so you are reading the latest and greatest.  However you cannot use that version without 1.94y.  I'll post the updated .abo today for those of you that will be trying out the Beta ROMs.

  The same applies of course to California's new .abo.