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Larry, I need your help for the Alameda RFP response we're doing.  It needs to be completed by Thursday of next week.  The feedback I got from Brad Clark, Registrar of Alameda, after he reviewed our Vendor Qualification section in Riverside RFP (he was on their committee) was that it was weak and that our Personnel section was inadequate.  He indicated that the full bio's of Sequoia and ESS gave a much better impression than our brief descriptions.  Since this direct feedback is relevant to his own RFP, I appreciate your assist in providing full resumes for each of the following persons emailed to me by next Wed.  Could you please make this request of each person listed below.  Please have them forward to you and routed to me or directly to me by Wednesday of next week.  Much thanks. Steve

Robert Chen

Frank Kaplan

Tari Runyan

Jeff Hintz

Mike Brown

Sophia Lee

Larry Ensminger

Charlie Conrad

Larry Dix

Ian Piper (hardware, support) Tyler Lincks (hardware, software

Tab Iredale (hardware, software)

Nel Finberg (software, support)

Guy Lancaster (hardware, firmware)

Juan Rivera (communications)

Ken Clark (software)

Steve Ricke (support, training)