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RE: Acceptance Test Plan

Already done;  doesn't need CGI.  It is the sandbox directory.
  The sandbox uses CGI or something equivalent. 
One more time:  It doesn't use CGI, or anything equivalent.

But once they have access they can also email, fax, mail, or pass the documents in any of a number of ways.  The difference with posting files in a public place is that people can infer things just by knowing of their existence and there is a small additional risk of someone gaining access by cracking the encryption of the file itself. 

No, the difference is that Mike doesn't have to take any flak if they email, fax, mail, or pass the documents in any number of ways, but he does if they are downloaded off the web site.  That this makes no sense is beside the point. 

Example.  Remember what happened when Tab put the pictures of the new AVTS unit up for ftp?   It was really quite amusing to watch the email traffic jump right after they were removed from ftp on Bob's orders.

In short, encrypt the files and hide them and we've got as much security as:

Given that it is (almost) the new millennium, I think we should do better than that.  I propose we set up a system were everyone is notified whenever a change in the documentation is made.

and almost as much convenience.


I would prefer to have the convenience.