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RE: Georgia Certification - Gems 1-11-8 Installation

The CD I created is the CD-Format I was told to send.  If you wanted something different you should have made your request known.  The Anoka.zip is just an extra file that was placed in by mistake.  I’m sure it doesn’t harm the install program.J



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I received a Gems 1-11-8 installation disk the other day for the Georgia Certification.  Which versions of Internet Explorer & Service Pack do we use with this particular Gems version???  


IE5 and SP5 should be fine.

The reason I ask is that there is not any versions of Internet Explorer or Service Pack included on this disk.  Also, there is an Anoka.zip file that is 58 meg  that is included on this disk, is this zip file part of the installation??? 


That is frightening.   Who created this abomination?