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RE: Wyandotte County Kansas - Vote Both Sides Footer & Square in Header


Wyandotte County Kansas currently has Gems version 1-11-2.  They would like to have a newer version of Gems that can do the Vote Both Sides footer for them.  Which version of 1-16, (this is the version with the footer option), is the most tested so we can send this on to them???   


Good question.  1.16 is theoretically still in testing, but its really up to you guys to give the green light to call it official.  The 1.16 bugtracks have quieted down lately.  I am not sure whether that is because it is stable or because people aren't testing it.  Its probably pretty solid at this point.

They also have another issue, where they have to put in a square at the top of their ballot along with their ballot heading.  Is there a way to create a wmf file with a picture of a square, so they can add this into their heading???  


You can create the wmf with Corel Draw.  I think Mike prefers Adobe Illustrator.  For something as trivial as a square box you could probably get away with a bmp created with the Paint accessory.  If they want to desk top publish the whole heading with text and the box, then they should use a wmf though.  Given Greg's recent hand.bmp bugtrack I would try it out myself before forwarding anything to Wyandotte.