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Re: AccuVote/AccuVote-TS terminology

The motive for this inquiry was the ubiquitous presence in GEMS of references to 'Accu-Vote' and 'Accu-Vote TS'.  I have been refering to the 'AccuVote' for years (and have not been the only one), although yes, the ballot counter is labeled with 'Accu-Vote'.  The touch screen however, is marked with AccuVote-TS, which is what I have been using as term as well as seen elsewhere.
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Subject: Re: AccuVote/AccuVote-TS terminology

Just checking to see if you really read these things..................
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Date: Sunday, May 14, 2000 5:19 Aftrnoon
Subject: RE: AccuVote/AccuVote-TS terminology

No it hasn't.  The label has said Accu-Vote since the first sale in Anoka MN.  It still does.
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Its been "AccuVote" for years...................Charlie