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Re: Memory Card Corruption after printing results but before modem upload

It is being reported that after the results are printed, the AccuVote is shut off and then back on for modem upload.It is then that it is determined that the memory card is corrupted.

Does this have anything to do with printer noise?Do this have anything to do with a possible power surge after the machine is shut off and then back on.If anyone has information on this, I would appreciate it. 

  There was a hardware change a while back to prevent the CPU from crashing and possibly writing junk to the memory card when the power is shut off.  The change was to add a reset circuit that disables the processor when it detects that the operating voltage has dropped below a minimum value.

  What happens is that the AV's power supply has large capacitors that help to provide a stable operating voltage.  When the power switch is turned off, these cause the voltage to slowly drop over the next couple of seconds.  The CPU requires a minimum voltage to operate properly and when the voltage drops below this, it can do random things which sometimes corrupt the memory card.

  Check the serial numbers with Ian to see if these units need this hardware change.

  As for printer noise, this is not likely the problem.  In the infrared units there can be problems when printing if the battery is very low but otherwise the problem should be limited to particular units if there is a problem possibly with the printer itself.