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GEMS-1-16-1-4 Testing Release

GEMS-1-16-1-4 testing release is ready. The password is:
GEMS-1-16-1-4.zip           kfbel309t1u4e May-04-00

                     Added counter group short labels to summary title.
                     Include report description in SOVC heading.
                     Added none as percent option for summary report
                     Implement options to suppress color on paper artwork.
                     Removed AVTS right vote box option.
                     Add color to vgroup section and short label to counter group section of  download2.
                     Fixed problem with RTFDefaults not storing font family.
                     Fixed problem with printing multiple copies of the summary report.
                     Added option to specify JresultClient's label caption in ResultSvr.
                     Draw cardlayer ovals.
                     Save thick vlines in CraceDefaultProp.