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How to access our FTP site from behind a firewall

  Don Biszmaier is working in Fairbanks Alaska where the customer has not been able to access our FTP site for updates.  The reason turns out to be that the customer's computers are behind a firewall that prevents normal FTP from establishing a full connection.

  To support this case we have added HTTP access to our FTP site using the URL http://ftp.gesn.com/ftp .  What this means is that any Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or whatever) can be used to download the FTP files but not to upload them.  For most people this is sufficient.

  If you find yourself needing to upload files to our FTP site from behind a firewall you'll need to use a client that supports "passive" mode.  Anyone knowing of such a program is asked to let the rest of us know.