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Virus software

I received a written letter from Shawnee County today that reads in part:
I was speaking with Jeff Hintz last week and he suggested I contacted you with this question.
Our Information Technology Department has installed a new anti-virus program, Mcafee (Network Associates) NetShield ver 4.5.  Would this be acceptable to use on our GEMS PCs, or does Global recommend something else?
I guess Hintz didn't consider posting this question to the support list himself, but that is another topic...
Development's position on this is simple:  No software that is not provided by Global should be installed on GEMS servers.  If customers follow this policy, they will not encounter any problems with viruses, or any other software interactions support is not familiar with.
If support wants to install and test Mcafee NetShield 4.5, then put it on some sort of "approved" list of software for use with GEMS, that is really up to you guys to decide.  There is nothing specific about Mcafee that I am aware of that would cause problems with GEMS, but then no one in development uses anti-virus software either.  Read in to that what you like.