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Re: Acceptance Test Plan

"do we have a site where these various forms, procedures, plans reside for the whole of the company?"
I'm willing to bet that we have re-invented the wheel a dozen times for such items as this.  Wouldn't it be amazing if we did have a "site" and no one knew about it.  I've got 27 versions of everything for each proposal we've done.  I don't know how useful what our materals would be to you or not without your reviewing them. Assuming there will be another sales meeting some day, we should each bring an example of a representative RFP doc and see what materials each region could contribute to the others and from this we could create a "library" on the ftp site.  Then again, it could quickly devolve if everybody just dumped files to it without some centralized editor reviewing its use.  Someone would have to "take responsibility" for it in order to maintain its usefulness.  But Tab, or anyone, ought to be able to go to the FTP and go to a doc directory that is fairly organized by folder topic and get at least a beginning example of what he needs.  What ever happened to the "documentation" that was being professionally done?
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I’ve attached another type of schedule, less detailed than what has been previously posted. 


As an aside to one and all – do we have a site where these various forms, procedures, plans reside for the whole of the company?  If not, should we have a repository for the same, with an index and directory?



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To all support people;


    As part of our Nichols certification I am having to prepare standard installation, acceptance, and readiness plans. Does anyone have any material that would aid in this task?