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Rowan County, NC - Same Vote Center Category for Cumulative Counter Groups

Rowan County, NC has set up their election with 2 Cumulative Counter Groups that both have the same Vote Center Category.  I don’t know if this is possible or not, but after downloading their memory cards and running ballots thru the Accu-Vote, and then run an ender card they get the message: Absentee Count Card Expected.  If this is the correct way of setting up the Cumulative Counter Groups, is there a special Absentee Count Card needed for getting the results into Gems???


After talking with Nancy from Rowan County, what they would like is 3 separate Cumulative Counter Groups, 1 for Absentee, (both Walk-In & Mail), 1 for Transfers, and 1 for Provisionals, and they would like to be able to have separate results for each of these groups.  I have no problem changing this for them, however, they have already programmed their disks for the AVTS units & are currently voting on those, which are included in the Cumulative Counter Group.  When I go and make these changes, I no longer have valid disks for the AVTS units.  How can I fix this problem for them????


Attached is the database.  They are using Gems 1-14-8 & AVTS 3-10-22.  The password is election.




Jeff Hintz

Global Election Systems


Attachment: Rowan County, NC.dbf
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