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RE: Thick vertical lines (Minnesota)

You bring up an excellent point.   There has been a tremendous amount of changes to the software since the time that many of our customers have been trained.  This is something that needs to be addressed, not only from making sure the customer knows, but also the sales staff, who do not read or subscribe to all of the Support/RCR postings.  I am in the process of identifying each customer and will be assigning a “support team” to each account.  This will begin the process of informing the customer of the changes that are pertinent to each account.  There is a discussion going on as how to best inform all customers of changes, i.e. e-mail, posting to web site, establishing a customer-talk subscription etc, but this one will be cautiously guarded until everyone is in agreement.




Larry J. Dix

Global Election Systems



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Larry, am resubmitting this to you to ensure it gets answer.  Two other folks requested I be sure and get response.  Basically question is this.  There are many important emails put out regarding features.  If customer has already been trained.  How do they get the information.  It's clearly not happening now.  The one below is one example, but there are others such as the bug in rotation of 1.15 software.  How is info getting distributed so customers know what is happening. We need to institutionalize this somehow.

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Question:  this seems like a significant email that customers should know about as well.  What is the avenue for forwarding this information to customers.  Is the project manager to let all accounts know in a region?  Larry?

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Subject: Thick vertical lines (Minnesota)


Just a warning to all:


If you use thick vertical lines on ballot layout and leave the voting oval in the adjacent column, you will compromise the accuracy of the scanning.  Ballot shift in the reader's paper path will cause false marks to be detected in those voting ovals causing a high number of overvoted races.


Ensure that the vertical line has one voting column of clearance away from any voting ovals.