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RE: Cell Phones and the AccuVote

Modems need a dial tone to function.  Cell phones have no dial tone.  The small black box Motorola has is referred to as an "DTE", Dial Tone Emulator.  All it does is provide a dial tone for the cell phone. 
Be careful with using the term DTE when talking about modems.  DTE traditionally stands for Data Terminal Equipment.  DCE conversely is Data Communications Equipment.  They represent each side of a straight through serial cable, computer and modem respectively. 
Cell phones that work with lap tops for email have the DTE built into the laptop.  This is what I understand, please correct me if I am wrong. 
They have a whole modem built in, or at least the GSM Sprints do.  We are currently working on getting these working with the AccuVote through the auxiliary port.