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Re: Cell Phones and the AccuVote

Mike, in puerto Rico we did use Cell phones with Acuvote succesfully. These were of two types, one was an old bag phone that an adaptor was placed between the handset and the body that had a standard RG-11 connector available. The second was a table top box that could be used with or with out a handset and had a RG-11 jack on the side.  Both units were manufactured by motorola and were available from CelularOne.
If the connection can support a decent voice conversation the Acuvote will work via Cel phone. Also we did not have to dial the phone manually, the Accuvote did that just as if it was connected to the wall jack.
PS:On the new cels they have an adaptor for connecting your laptop to the internet with a RG-11 connector available. This will also do the trick.
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What is Globals stand on using cell phones with the AccuVote?  Are there any written instructions for accomplishing this feat?



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