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Additional verbiage when closing polls

Dakota would like to see additional confirmation messages from the AccuVote at poll close:
Question :  Have all voters in polls voted? (yes or no)
Question:  Has auxiliary been emptied?  (yes or no)

Question:  Have all absentees been counted? (yes or no)

How many absentees have been counted? Yes, no, (same as date and time)

Are you ready to end election? (yes or no)

Are you sure? (yes or no)

Totals print
Again, there is the LCD issue.  The real problem here though is what is the AccuVote supposed to do if you press "no" to a question like "have all voters voted"?  Prompt them with "let the rest of the voters vote"?
This type of thing is best handled procedurally.  For example, print the above list on the envelope that the ender card is held in.  I gather from Guy that the MN abasic report has a checklist similar to this printed on it.