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RE: Ballot layout

> I was going to put in a RCR myself today, on a similar subject matter.  I
> believe that I have put into one of the RCR's a similar request that is
> needed for Puerto Rico, but I will specify in further detail here.

I believe you have already submitted this (won't bother digging up the ref).

> Would the Puerto Rico contract of over 10 million
> dollars be sufficient reason to develop Gems to do this???

Absolutely.  As I put it in another mail, if they send in the check for
$10M, I will add a "gold leaf" ballot option if they want it.

> One
> final note,
> the MIS department from the Puerto Rico elections office, would
> like to see
> just how easy it is to lay out a ballot from Puerto Rico, before
> they give
> their consent to purchasing election equipment from Global.

Everyone wants to see new features without commitment...